IA-1 Inductive Annealer

Product Description

The Wright Machine Tool "IA-1" accurately anneals Stellite tipped circular saws. Heavy-duty construction increases accuracy, productivity, and machine life. An advanced computer “PLC” handles machine control. Indexing accuracy is accomplished through the use of a precision optical encoder and a 1/8HP variable speed gear motor. The Annealing unit is a compact device that is manufactured using solid-state technology and each has an embedded microprocessor. This guarantees stable power output as well as optimum operating frequency. The microprocessor also performs monitoring and diagnostic functions to inform the user of device status. The "IA-1" can anneal saws ranging from 10" to 34".

IA-1 Brochure

IA-1 Manual


  • Electric Linear Actuated Saw Lift
  • Automatic Shut Off When Saw is Finished
  • 1/8 hp Industrial Gear Motor With Rotary Encoder
  • Advanced Operator Touch Panel
  • Exclusive Self-Teach Mode
  • Advanced PLC
  • Constant, Repeatable Power Generation via Microprocessor Control


  • Standard Voltage: 230 Volt, 1-Phase, 30 Amp, 60 Hz
  • Optional Voltage: None
  • Shipping Weight: 300 lbs. / 136 kg
  • Crate Size: L 48" x W 52" x H 74"
  • Air Requirements: None
  • Standard Saw Size: 10"-34"/ 254mm-864mm