Technical Team & Center

Burton Mill Solutions Technical Team

The Burton Mill Solutions Technical Team offers a variety of specialized services and vocational training. Our team's Cutting Tool Specialists use many approaches to help your mill become more efficient and safer. This includes performing value-added maintenance and services like:

  • Consultations for sawing applications
  • Feeds and speeds evaluations
  • Custom saw designs
  • Basic troubleshooting
  • Saw filing room and equipment evaluations
  • Onsite training

And we have skilled experts located in every region of Canada and the United States.


Burton Mill Solutions Technical Center

We also offer hands-on sawfiler vocational training at the Burton Mill Solutions Technical Center in Florence, SC, holding regular sessions throughout the year.

Each class is led by experienced instructors, including our Cutting Tool Specialists who can follow up with students at their own mills to ensure each lesson's practical skills are applied properly. This way, we can give you the experienced workers that can be so difficult to find organically. 

Click the link below to download and view the Saw Filer Vocational Training events calendar.

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