DS-4 Dual Side Sharpener

Product Description

The DS-4 Dual Side Sharpener is accurate, productive, and easy to operate and maintain. The DS-4 Dual Side grinder provides unbeatable accuracy which will improve saw performance greatly.

Having the ability to single or multi-pass grind the DS-4 increases accuracy on thin plate saws by reducing grinding pressure.

Independently adjustable twin grinding heads with precision spindle and drive system are actuated by a hydraulic controlled pneumatic-powered system. The saw indexer is simple to adjust.

The saw is precisely positioned by a fixed ratchet finger. All tooth angles are easily adjusted allowing peak saw performance. Filtered coolant is delivered to the grind and held in place by the wheel guard's design improving accuracy, wheel life, work environment, and productivity. Multi-pass, lift off, step in, or standard grind modes are available through the operator interface giving the best grind results on all types of saws.

Designed from the start to be a wet sharpener the DS-4 keeps coolant and grinding particles away from moving parts increasing accuracy and machine life. Automatic operation reduces labor on full retips and the ability to operate manually makes single tip repair quick and easy.

The DS series has been proven to provide superior performance year after year.

DS-4 Brochure


  • Advanced P.L.C. Controlled
  • Single- or Multi-Pass
  • Precision Spindle
  • Low Voltage Work Light
  • Dial Indicated Side Adjustments
  • Two 2 Horsepower, 3-Phase Spindle Motors
  • Multi V Belt Drive
  • Operator Interface
  • Manual or Auto Operation
  • Filtered Full Flood Coolant
  • Lift Off/step in Grind
  • Auto Load Saw Locator
  • Heavy Construction


  • Circle Saw Size: 6" to 32"
  • Power Consumption: 2 kW
  • Air: 3 CFM @ 80 psi
  • Voltage std.: 230V, 3-Phase, 50Hz/60Hz
  • Ship Weight: 1,375 lbs.
  • Crate Size: 49" x 44" x 62"