LK Pro2 Kirschner Tipper + Robot Pro

Product Description

The Robot Pro adds fully automatic loading and unloading of circular saw blades on the LK Pro2 Kirschner Tipper.


  • Horizontal storage of the saw bodies and circular saws
  • Loading/unloading mandrels available in Kirschner or Vollmer style options
  • Double gripper system with electro magnets
  • Saw body level-off function
  • Extremely compact design with common base frame
  • Best accessibility due to complete opening and possible crane loading
  • Spacers/intermediate layers optional


  • Reduces grinding times, increases saw accuracy
  • Requires less maintenance while providing easiest operation
  • Advanced safety and servo technology
  • Up to 13 tips / minute


Robot Pro Loader Ø 3.9" to 33.5"
Hook angle
-10° to +32°
Machine dimension
Approx. 85" W x 110" D x 84" H
Weight Approx. 3,197 lbs


 Kirschner System Vollmer System
  • Mandrel length: 360mm (14.2")
  • Usable length: 350 mm (13.78" saw capacity)
  • Mandrel length: 320mm (12.6")
  • Usable length: 310 mm (12.20" saw capacity)

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