LK 850M Kirschner Tipper

Product Description

The LK 850M Kirschner Tipper brazes pre-tinned carbide tips in a precise, centrical, and efficient way. It is ideally suited for repair work and small saw production batches.

  • The pre-tinned carbide tip is placed by hand in the feed rail.
  • The tip is automatically positioned and picked up by the high-precision and solid gripper, positioned perfectly center into the blade, then brazed with the perfect temperature.
  • Easily change the processing modes in the control panel (brazing, annealing, tip removal).
  • Perfect shear strength combined with low heat absorbed by the blade.
  • Shortest set-up time with ergonomic arm support and PLC control.
  • New feature for PCD face angle brazing as option.
  • The machine is designed and equipped according to CE standards.


Saw diameter Ø 3.9" to 33.5" (option up to 43.3")
Hook angle
-15° to +35°
Axis angle -20° to +20° (optional)
Tip width
0.079" to 0.354"
Tip length 0.138" to 0.512"
HF power CEIA 3.5 kW (optional 5.6 kW)
Total load 180 - 260 V/N/PE; 50/60 Hz 4 kVA/16A
Pneumatics 6 bar
Machine Dimensions Approx. 62" W x 35" D x 62" H
Weight Approx. 794 lbs


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