LK Pro2 Kirschner Tipper + Robot Cart

Product Description

The Robot Cart adds fully automatic loading and unloading of circular saw blades on the LK Pro2 Kirschner Tipper.


  • Framework assembly system with servo motors
  • Axes with high-precision guiding rails and roller spindles by servo controls
  • Double arm system with 180° turning
  • Magnetic grippers
  • Ability to use Transport carts – Vollmer system (optional)
  • Kirschner system < B63 up to Ø 630 mm; Vollmer system < ND 270 (optional), or;
  • Kirschner system > B84 up to Ø 840 mm; Vollmer system > ND 320 (optional)
  • Mandrel standard length: 320 mm (= as Vollmer)
  • Complete electric and pneumatic equipment
  • Off-set deposition of the brazed saw blades (avoids tooth on tooth)
  • Placing and removing of intermediate plates unit (optional)
  • Extension of loader to a later time (optional)
  • Safety Device, Frame covered with steel plates at area of loading/unloading system with access door based on safety UVV - DIN


Robot Cart Saw Diameter
Ø 3.9" to 24.8" > Small Carts (up to 31.5" upon request)

Ø 3.9" to 33" > Big Carts
Machine dimension
Approx. 97" W x 183" D x 85" H
Weight Approx. 4,409 lbs


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