PowerStar 850

Product Description

The PowerStar 850 offers exceptional sharpening, re-toothing, and profiling of circular saw blades with CBN-abrasive grinding. It exceeds even the highest expectations through its versatility and ease of use, as well as its rigidity, to achieve exceptional grinding quality.

The easy-to-use touch screen uses simple symbols and straightforward operations so all settings are available at a glance and changes can be made quickly. Switching between sharpening, re-toothing, and profiling operations is as easy as a push of a button. It indicates the optimal grinding speed and rake and clearance angles for all standard teeth are readily available. The manual grinding wheel insertion is easy and safe for the operator and, in most cases, sharpening is done in just one saw blade revolution.


  • Only one flange required for saw blades ranging from 130 – 850 (920) mm
  • Large saw blade diameter range from 40 – 850 (920) mm
  • Grinding programs can be entered in advance while machine is in operation
  • Vario-Tooth Shapes
  • Precision spacing for tooth pitch accuracy
  • Semi-automatic profiling
  • Adjustable profiling angle
  • Low space requirement
  • Advantageous price/performance ratio
  • Reduced vibrations for extend grinding wheel life span

After sharpening saw blades or new-toothing saw blades, the profiling operation uses the grinding head and the cooling nozzles to automatically move the blade to the correct profiling position. With the help of the cursor keys or an electronic hand wheel, the tooth is put in position to slightly touch the rotating grinding wheel. Close the door and
press START – the machine does the rest!

The PowerStar 850 allows adjustment of the profile angle in 5° increments from 0º to 45º (standard value). A saw blade support at the point of grinding will ensure the profiles are ground symmetrically.

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