CHF 840

Product Description

The CHF 840 and its bigger brother the 1300 are VOLLMER’s workhorses for sawmill applications. For customers requiring an even more advanced level of automation, we can help you consider those machines as well.

The CHF 840 will sharpen the side surfaces of the saw tips of sawmill circle saws up to 33” diameter (or 51” with the CHF 1300).

Machine comes standard with a four CNC-Controlled axes for accurate grinding of virtually all tooth geometries in one cycle. A user friendly control system with new “Multi-Function” handwheel for improved efficiency and user interaction. The handwheel is also used as a potentiometer in order to be able to carry out speed adjustments in automatic mode.

This machine can be configured to use either water based or oil coolants.

Contact us and let us help configure a CHF 840 that is optimized for your operation.

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