Automatic Guide Dresser

Product Description

The Burton Mill Solutions Auto Dresser for Circle Saw Guide Arms represents the next evolution in saw guide dressing. This fully enclosed CNC dresser is engineered to be successfully operated by non-technical users:

• Load the babbited guide arm onto the machine
• Select the guide from the list of preset guides for your mill
• Close the door and start the cycle
• Press "Next" and "Previous" on the touch screen controls to select another guide

The Auto Dresser automatically adjusts to the target size.

The Auto Dresser self-recalibrates after each cut. The machine can quickly and seamlessly be switched from one style of guide arm to another. Each mill guide is programmed into the machine with the easy-to-use interface. Once the cycle is completed, the operator inputs the actual machined size and the Auto Dresser will self-adjust for the next cut.


 Size 84" W (213 cm) x 36" D (91.5 cm) x 74" T (188 cm)
Electrical 480 V 3 ph 15 amp
Weight Approx. 1,962 lbs (890 kg)
Cutters Four edge indexable carbided


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