Sleeved Replacement Arbors

Product Description

Burton splined-sleeves extend the life of saw arbors and maintain saw accuracy so your operation can produce high quality lumber day after day.

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Burton splined-sleeve arbors offer outstanding value both by extending the service life of the arbor system, and by limiting the wear to the sleeves, not the arbor itself. Using spacers to periodically adjust the position of the saws on the splines prevents deep ruts from forming on the splines. That means you get a better fit between the arbor and the blade. And when it’s time to replace the sleeves, you simply slip them off and put new ones on; the arbor itself doesn’t need to be replaced!

Burton splined-sleeve arbors are precision machined from the highest quality 52100 ball-bearing steel before being surface hardened and balanced. Our splined-sleeves are as tough as they come, giving you exceptionally long life and high performance

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