PreSharp Narrow Resaws

Product Description

Burton Mill Solutions' Simonds-brand PreSharp and Super7 blades give you an undeniable edge. Both blade types feature our unique square-faced edge which provides optimal tracking and a smooth, clean cut. These blades will help you push the limits of exceptional performance.

Square-faced advantage

The secret to the PreSharp success is in the square-faced cutting edge design. Conventional blades channel dust to the side of the blade, which increases spillage. PreSharp blades, including the Super7, are designed to prevent this, delivering cleaner boards, increased production, and more money in your pocket.

PreSharp Super7 blade

If you're looking for an even sharper edge, consider the next evolution of narrow-kerf band saw blades, the PreSharp Super7. These feature a 7-degree tooth, increased gullet, slimmer back angle, and thicker blade (0.055) specifically designed to improve performance in extreme conditions, high production mills, and hard, exotic, or frozen wood milling and resaw applications.


  • 7-degree tooth that cuts deeper and more smoothly in exceptionally hard, exotic, or frozen wood, improving performance and providing higher production rates
  • Increased gullet capacity to pull more material and sawdust out of the cut for smoother sawing and cleaner boards
  • Slim back angle for less blade material in the cut, decreasing friction and reducing heat
  • Thicker blades (0.055) to improve durability and blade life for mills with a high hp (25+) motor

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