Engineered Chain

Product Description

With thousands of feet of brand-name chain and sprockets in stock, we can fulfill all your chain needs for any mill application.

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Chain Types

  • Roller Chain
  • Sharp Top Chain
  • Welded Steel Chain
  • Engineered Chain
  • Malleable Chain
  • Leaf Chain

Mill Chain

  • Roller Chain - drive chain applications, conveyors, transfer applications. Matched to the load requirements.
  • Engineered Chain - transfer deck applications. Can be welded with pipe lugs, roller lugs, non-marking UMHW and more.
  • Sharp Top Chain – for infeed modules and high-speed applications requiring gripping function.
  • Camelback Chain - transfer decks, moving finished grade and green lumber.
  • Welded Steel Chain - log decks, log lines, waste conveyors.
We work with and supply chain from only top-quality manufacturers to ensure long tool life and mill uptime.