WH-01 Wright Honer

Product Description

The Wright Machine Tool “WH-01”accurately hones large band saws to a fine finish. It can interface with most band saw grinders on the market and can be run as a stand-alone version or in place of an air backfeed stand.

Deep grind grooves are removed resulting in a sharper saw with a much longer operational life between sharpening cycles. Heavy-duty construction increases accuracy, productivity, and machine life. Machine control is achieved by the use of an advanced computer control system with integrated stepper control. Honing accuracy is accomplished through the use of a precision stepper motor as well. The WH-01 can interface with most band saw grinders on the market.


  • Saw stabilizing clamp system
  • Integrated stepper control system
  • State of the art operator touch panel
  • Ease of operation and adjustment
  • Advanced computer control


  • Standard Voltage: 115 V, 1-Phase, 30 amp, 60 Hz
  • Optional Voltage: None
  • Shipping Weight: 300 lbs / 136 kg
  • Crate Size: L 48” x W 48” x H 54”
  • Air Requirements: 90 psi
  • Standard Saw Size: Large Band Saw

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