WBG-01 Grinder

Product Description

The WBG-01 Grinder is designed to accurately and safely grind your band wheels by giving the operator a user-friendly touch panel that can be used several feet from the grinding area. Accuracy is maintained through the use of a computer servo-driven precision lead screw on the X-axis and a computer servo-driven ball screw on the Y-axis. The WBG-01 Rail platform is CNC machined from billet Materials for added strength and rigidity.


  • Grinder can be operated from a safe distance
  • Precision linear rail system
  • Servo Motor control on two axis
  • Touch panel for easy operator control
  • Ball Screw provides accurate in-feeding
  • Advanced computer control
  • Four adjustable speed zones


  • Voltage std.: 230V, 3-Phase, 15 amp, 60Hz
  • Shipping Weight: 400 lbs. / 181 kg
  • Crate Size: (L) 96” x (W) 48” x (H) 36”
  • Air Requirements: None
  • Coolant Requirements: None

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