W-600 B Top or Face Sharpener

Product Description

The W-600 B was designed specifically to be the best large saw top and face circular saw sharpener available. 

The W-600 B Top or Face delivers exceptional finish and accuracy even at high production rates. The W-600 B has the ability to grind many tooth geometries in a single set up.

The Wright Machine Tool "W-600 B" features massive construction with a weight of over 2,800 lbs. but uses only 22.5 square feet of floor space. The precision 2 horsepower grinding head moves on a robust double track multi-truck linear slide system powered by hydraulic controlled feed, giving high accuracy and productivity. The enclosed grind cabinet improves the work environment by containing noise and coolant.


  • 10 G.P.M. Filtered Flood Coolant
  • Low Voltage Work Lights
  • Precision 2 hp Spindle Motor
  • High Pressure Saw Clamp
  • Auto Central Lubrication System
  • Precision Multi-Bearing Spindles
  • External Pitch Adjustment
  • Lift Off Grind
  • External Plate Thickness Adjustment


  • Flats: 1 Pass
  • Alternates: 1 Pass
  • Triple Chip: 3 Passes
  • Standard Voltage: 230 Volt, 3-Phase, 50Hz/60Hz
  • Optional Voltage: as Requested
  • Shipping Weight: 2,800 Lbs.
  • Machine Weight: 2,600 Lbs.
  • Machine Size (Without Saw): L 77" x W 42" x H 77”
  • Air Requirements: 2 CFM at 80 psi to 100 psi
  • Standard Saw Size: 15" to 84"
  • Spindle Motor: (1) 2 H.P. 3450 RPM Motor
  • Circuit Size: 460 Volts 10a

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