W-1701 Automatic Profile

Product Description

The Wright W-1701 is designed specifically to profile grind bands or circular saws. Full flood coolant profile grinding gives superior saw quality allowing higher saw performance. A swing away clamp arm combined with full flood coolant delivered through the clamp jaws provides you with unmatched performance. This design was introduced in 1992 and has proven itself as a workhorse for profile grinding applications.

The heart of the W-1701 is the proven W-1700 design combined with heavy-duty index, heavy duty swing-away clamp arm, and flood coolant systems. The outcome provides precision sharpening and long service life. Shielded and sealed precision linear slides provide years of maintenance-free service. Sturdy, well-designed construction delivers years of trouble-free precision saw profile grinding. The filtered coolant system delivers a flood of coolant to the grinding point through the clamp jaws.


  • Heavy Duty Clamp/index System
  • Tooth Counter With Auto-stop
  • Filtered Full Flood Coolant
  • Two Horsepower Spindle Motor
  • Dual Pressure Saw Clamp
  • Multi-bearing Precision Spindle
  • A.C. Frequency Drive
  • Quick Change Cams
  • Precision Linear Slides
  • Lift Off
  • Variable Feed Speed
  • Adjustable Tooth Depth


  • Circle Saw Size: 6" to 34"
  • Band Saw Width: Up to 6"
  • Power Consumption: 1.5 kW
  • Voltage Standard: 230V, 3-Phase, 50Hz/60Hz
  • Air: 2 CFM @ 80 psi
  • Ship Weight: 1,500 lbs.
  • Crate Size: 49" x 44" x 62"
  • Max. Pitch: 5"

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