W-37 ABG Automatic Profile

Product Description

The W-37 ABG achieves cost-effective automatic sharpening of narrowband saws. Saws that have been considered disposable can now be re-sharpened many times, greatly reducing saw cost. The operation is simple and the total labor per re-sharpening is only a few minutes.

Bench mountable, the W-37 ABG is a compact, self-contained package with band supports built in.

One cam set for a single tooth shape comes standard with the machine. Cam changing time is less than five minutes allowing many band shapes to be sharpened.

Built to give years of trouble-free service with sealed ball bearings used throughout.

Straight-line movement on the grinding head assures correct tooth geometry as the grind wheel diameter changes.


  • Straight Line Head Movement
  • Ball Linear Slide
  • Built-in Saw Support
  • Quick Open Clamp Jaws
  • Adjustable Clamp Drag
  • Precision Cams
  • Simple to Operate
  • Excellent Sharpness
  • Low Maintenance
  • Quick Setup


  • Saw Width: 1" to 3-1/2"
  • Voltage Standard: 120VAC, 1-phase
  • Ship Weight: 120 lbs.
  • Crate Size: UPS Shippable
  • Max. Pitch: 1" 

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