Auto Knife Honer

Product Description

Our machine is equipped with a simple-to-load high-capacity hopper that accommodates up to 70 chipping knives, allowing unattended large-volume processing with minimal effort.

Dual probes accurately measure each knife edge from the knife's center line. The gathered data is transmitted to the PLC to calculate the knife’s use history. Each knife can be resharpened 3 to 7 times, depending on knife condition, before being designated as scrap. The PLC also governs the abrasive wheels powered by precision servo motors. Servos adjust the height according to the specific cycle. After a knife reaches its final cycle, the abrasive wheels retract to prevent unnecessary wear, and the knife is designated as scrap.


 Size 72" W (183 cm) x 32" D (82 cm) x 63" T (163 cm)
Electrical 220 VAC / 60 Hz / 1 ph / 15 amp
Air No compressed air required; spring-loaded knife clamping
Weight Approx. 400 lbs (182 kg)
Blade sizes Double-edge knives up to 9" long

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