NOVUS X2 CNC Top or Face Sharpener

Product Description

The new NOVUS X2 Top or Face grinder introduces an unprecedented level of modern technology into today's modern saw shops. The X2 offers features and options simply not possible with older technology. What kind of features? The NOVUS X2 incorporates a deterministic, real-time operating system. While sharpening a saw, the operator is free to run diagnostics on the machine or program a new saw - all at the same time! With a network connection, the support staff at Wright Machine can upgrade your software and diagnose problems.

NOVUS X2 Brochure

NOVUS X2 Manual


  • Heavy Duty Base With Added Vibration Dampening.
  • Integrated Heavy Duty Clamp Arm and Cylinder.
  • High-Speed High Torque Beveling System.
  • Automatic Precision Plate Adjustment.
  • Increased Head Lift Off With High-Speed High Torque Servo Motor.


  • Controls: Deterministic Ethernet (Powerlink) controlled servo drives. Precision resolver servo feedback, scalable I/O (expandability).
  • Performance: Precision 2 hp grinding head, robust double track multi-truck linear slide, air/oil hydraulic controlled feed, inverter speed control.
  • Connectivity: Onboard fully functional FTP server, Onboard Virtual Network Computer (VNC) services, integrated Ethernet/web services, and RS-232 capable.